Kivik Apple Market, Sweden

September Fair

Kivik is a harbour town in the Skåne area of Sweden with an important apple market. And every September since 1988 they've held a festival which involves a massive picture or sculpture made entirely of apples. Emma Karp (printmaker) has been the artist in charge since 2001, carrying on the tradition set up by her father, Helge Lundström (sculptor).

This festival seemed to have no dedicated page on the web, so I gathered the photos of various locals and tourists below. Permission to re-use the pictures has been requested from all originators except for Skaljen at the bottom, whose contact details are unavailable. Click on the links below them to visit the original sites. Meanwhile I found this Swedish Site that has the whole sequence on it. For non Swedish speakers, click on "Äppeltavlor" and scroll down. You can tell Mr Lundström thought in three dimensions!

Estimates about the number of apples used vary between 20,000 and 75,000; the number of varieties used depends on complexity and ranges between six and fifteen; but the total weight is consistent at around four tons (8,000 lbs or 4,000 kilos).


1999, from Susanne Anderson

2000 (probably), from a Swedish school projects page, I think.


2001, from Margareta and Sven. The detail is from the Simrisham Conference Page.

From the Museum of Fine Art Ikon Board.

From Skaljen's Virtual Tourist Pages.